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Student Development Team

Our Purpose

The Student Development Team (SDT) works closely with all departments to customise and implement the school’s student development programmes for our students. This is to ensure that the school programmes cater to the various needs of different profiles of students and provide a structured curricula that promote the development and well-being of all North Spring Primary students.

Our People

With School Leaders as the advisors, SDT is oversee by the Year Heads who work closely with HOD CCE, SH Student Management and Case Management Team members which comprises of the School Counsellors and Allied Educators (Learning and Behavioural Needs). The team is also supported by the Form Teachers to ensure holistic development of students in our school.

Our G.E.M Programmes

Character and Citizenship Education, the bedrock of G.E.M programme, has guided teachers to deliver a coherent and customised experience that helps our students be grounded in a core set of values while developing new 21st century competencies that will prepare them for the future.

G.E.M Character

Under G.E.M Character, we look into aspects on students’ social emotional learning. Some of the activities that we have organised are as follows:

  • Orientation Programme at start of the year “I AM A GEM”

  • Values Talks during Structured Assembly and Pre-Assembly programme

  • Periodical Year Head Talks

  • Character Development Programme

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G.E.M Connect

For G.E.M Connect, we aim to connect staff, parents and students through the programmes below:

  • Form Teacher Guidance Period

  • Peer Support Programme

  • Year Head @ Recess

  • Professional Development for Staff Training

  • Professional Learning Communities

  • Parent-Child-Teacher Conference

Parent Teacher Meeting

‘Every Parent, a Supportive Partner’, with this in mind, we focus on building strong partnership with parents through effective engagement, such as Parent-Teacher Meeting and Parent-Child-Teacher Conferencing sessions so as to support students in their holistic development.



G.E.M Leadership

For G.E.M Leadership, we aim to build student leadership capacity through various programme as stated below:

  • P1 to P5 M1NDgem Programmes

  • Prefect Leadershp Programmes

P1 to P5 M1NDgem Programme

A cluster-funded programme that uses cognitive strategies in Habits of Mind to help the students to habituate the intended habits over time.
Through this programme, students are able to demonstrate joy in learning while displaying self-management and self- responsibility in learning.




Confident . Cultured . Aspiring Learners