Partnership in NSPS strives to strengthen engagement with parents and the community through different channels to create more varied and holistic learning experiences for students to bring out the best in them.

Guiding Idea:

Develop mutually beneficial partnership with stakeholders for collaborations built on trust, support and commitment.

Parent-Teacher Meeting / Parent-Child-Teacher Conferencing Session

‘Every Parent, a Supportive Partner’, with this in mind, we focus on building strong partnership with parents through effective engagement, such as Parent-Teacher Meeting and Parent-Child-Teacher Conferencing sessions so as to support students in their holistic development.

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Workshop / Sharing Session for Parents

Through a series of hands-on activities during workshop / sharing sessions, parents learn how to utilise useful strategies to engage their children and guide them in their learning. Sharing sessions such as P6 Parents talk and P4 Subject-Base Banding talk are conducted to ensure parents are kept up to date on new initiatives in the education system.

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External School Visit

Through cultural exchange with schools from different countries, it enable our students to gain exposure to different cultures, global issues and yet retain a sense of rootedness to our country. Our students also develop confidence through meaningful activities such as having conversations and discussion with students from other countries.

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