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Physical Education

Guiding Idea

A well-balanced PE curriculum that enables students to demonstrate physical skills, practices and values to enjoy a lifetime of active, healthy living.

Key Programmes

Through our myriad programmes and activities, we strive to teach our students the values and attitudes that will serve them well in their future. Our Games Day, a sports themed activity targeted at all students from Primary 1 to 6 offers our students an avenue to engage in friendly competition with their fellow peers and also gives them an opportunity to display their strengths that they have learnt in school through the Physical Education curriculum in various physical challenges during the event.

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We have other engaging activities throughout the year like our Primary 5 outdoor adventure camp, which is held during curriculum time. Through the outdoor adventure camp, the Primary 5 students will have a chance to work together as a class and build camaraderie. The purpose of this camp is to provide opportunities for our students to learn to be independent, acquire some basic life-skills, be self-disciplined, learn to be cooperative, and accepting towards others and be creative in problem solving. The camp has always been successful and it definitely gives our Primary 5 students enriching experiences and wonderful memories that will stay for them for years to come.

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At North Spring, we certainly strive to ensure that we help build our students character as well as resilience so that they leave North Spring better prepared for their years ahead. In the spirit of mass-participation, the Physical Education Department will continue to strive to ensure that all students are engaged in all of the School’s physical and wellness activities for years to come.

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