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Info-Communication & Technology

Guiding Idea

A connected ICT learning environment which focuses on quality learning in the hands of learners and empowers future-ready and responsible digital learners with technology.


1) To enhance competency of our students’ ICT skills

2) To create an ICT-vibrant environment in the school

3) To promote a culture of developing of ICT-enriched lessons which infuse SDL and CoL

4) To encourage pervasive use of ICT in teaching and learning

Curriculum Programmes, Baseline and Enhanced ICT Lessons

The school has many ICT-related programmes spread out across the levels as well as running through various subjects. We seek to promote self-directed learning (SDL) and collaborative learning (CoL) through these programmes and leverage on technology to achieve our goals. Through rich collaboration with the other departments in school, we have developed enriching ICT lessons.

These series of lessons are carried out throughout the year with the support of an ICT Associate and Desktop Engineers. During these lessons, key ICT skills, including New Media Literacies, are imparted to prepare students to be able to take on the challenges of tomorrow. The lessons are integrated meaningfully with current curriculum content subjects and students learn to leverage on technology to effectively complete learning tasks. Primary 5 students will also have the opportunity to learn basic coding skills. At the end of the six years in the school, students will have gone through various enriching learning experiences leveraging on ICT.

(Image of New Media Literacies taken from MOE’s ICT CONNECTION, Singapore)

Level Skills Technology Focus
Primary 1
Primary 2
Basic ICT Operations
Microsoft Suite
Primary 3
Primary 4
Use of search engines
Microsoft Suite
Google Suite
Primary 5
Primary 6
Basic Coding
Microsoft Suite
Google Suite

Cyber Wellness

Through Cyber Wellness Week activities, assembly talks and leveraging on online platforms for lessons, students learn about cyber wellness principles such as netiquette and discuss their views with their peers. Being more aware of cyber wellness in this digital age enables them to apply what they have learnt in their own experiences.

Our ICT Champions are empowered as they are given opportunities to create cyber wellness awareness through presenting during assembly talks as well as through activities planned for Cyber Wellness Week. This is on top of being given the responsibility of helping with anything ICT-related in class.


e-Learning and Student Learning Space (SLS)

The Singapore Student Learning Space is a platform that supports Teaching and Learning in North Spring Primary School. It helps to empower our students to drive their own learning according to their needs and interests.

Resources on SLS are created and packaged as online lessons by teachers and assigned to students or used by students for independent learning in areas such as writing skills and grammar in the English and MTL Languages as well as Mathematics and Science. Selected days are also set aside for students as e-Learning Days where students’ work, monitored by teachers, can be completed from home. Teachers can also assign online assessments for everyday lessons to be done during or outside curriculum time.

The iMTL portal is incorporated into the SLS platform as a ICT pedagogical tool which enhances the delivery and learning of Mother Tongue Languages (CL, ML and TL). It has a series of interactive learning activities. The iMTL Portal is an essential component of MTL learning as it supports opportunities for the students to listen, read and write more effectively. It also helps to prepare schools and students for ICT-based MTL national examinations.