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Teaching and Learning Approach

Guided by the Ministry of Education’s (MOE) Science Curriculum Framework, our Science curriculum aims to equip our North Springers with the scientific literacy and disposition to inquire and understand themselves and the world around them through:

·        imparting of basic scientific knowledge and concepts;

·        equipping scientific process skills via various hands-on inquiry-based learning activities; and

·        inculcating positive attitudes like collaboration, responsibility and resilience.

Events and Programmes

Singapore World Water Day

Our North Springers commemorated World Water Day by learning more about the importance of freshwater and how they can play their part in conserving water. P1 to P4 North Springers took part in a colouring contest whilst P5 and P6 North Springers participated in a sticker design contest. The recess activities lined up for them throughout the week included water conservation video screening, pledge card making and water conservation related iPad games. North Springers showed much enthusiasm in playing their part to value water.


Get FUNKY! (FUngi iN my bacKYard)

Our P3 North Springers attended a virtual enrichment workshop on mushrooms. They learnt about the importance of mushrooms in the ecosystem and how mushrooms reproduce. Each P3 North Springer was given a mushroom kit and had a go at growing their own mushrooms! They thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and were eagerly waiting for their mushrooms to sprout.


Online Science Workshop for Parents

The workshop serves to provide parents/guardians of P3 North Springers with an overview of the science curriculum, assessment scope and key answering techniques in Science. This knowledge is helpful to parents/guardians who wish to play a greater role in helping his/her child/ward in the learning of Science. 

Excellence 2000 (E2K) Science Programme

The MOE E2K Programme is a science enrichment programme for upper primary students who demonstrate interest and ability in science. Selected P4 North Springers learn Science by going through the same process that scientists use to generate knowledge in Science. Just as scientists make mistakes in the real world, North Springers are allowed to make mistakes in E2K and teachers help them to learn from the mistakes. Through collaborative learning and guidance provided by the teacher, North Springers practise scientific thinking and reasoning, develop confidence and independence in carrying out scientific inquiry as well as scientific habits, attitudes and dispositions.


AWESOME (shAdoW puppEts ShOwtiME)

Our P4 North Springers sprang into action and directed their very own shadow puppet show. They displayed creativity and applied what they had learnt about the sizes and shapes of shadows during Science lessons to design their shadow puppets. By providing constructive feedback to their peers, our North Springers were able to learn from one another too.


ELECTRIFY (ELating papEr CircuiT gReetIngs For You)

Greeting cards always bring a delightful smile to those who receive it. Our Primary 5 North Springers embarked on a task to make that card shine brighter. Through the ELECTRIFY Programme, they learnt how to create paper circuits. With that knowledge, they designed cards that could light up brightly and beautifully.


Science Olympiad Training

The Science Olympiad Programme aims to engage selected P5 North Springers in the learning of Science beyond the Primary Science Syllabus. It also equips North Springers with effective techniques and skills required for Science experiments and learning. The programme serves to prepare and train students in solving Science Olympiad questions in competitions.


P4 and P5 Science Champions Training

Upgrade, Upskill! Our P4 and P5 Science Champions underwent their respective training sessions to better understand their role as a Science Champion, and familiarize themselves with the apparatuses in the Science laboratory, specifically the datalogger and the microscope. In time to come, they will be the knowledgeable front-liners, assisting their Science teachers and peers while conducting fun experiments!