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Mother Tongue Languages

The Mother Tongue Languages Department offers the following languages in the school: 

1) Chinese Language 

2) Malay Language 

3) Tamil Language 

The Mother Tongue Languages Department aims to deliver a dynamic Mother Tongue Languages curriculum which builds a strong foundation in the languages among our students while providing them with a rich language learning environment to develop a love for learning the languages and appreciating the cultures.


We hope to achieve the objectives through: 

1) Creating an enjoyable and conducive environment for the learning of Mother Tongue languages 

2) Instilling the joy of learning and passion for Mother Tongue language and culture in our students

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Key Programmes

Through these programmes, our students have the opportunities to build up their competencies in the respective languages and enhance their understanding of their own languages and cultures. 

1) MTL Fortnight 

2) MTL Cultural Camp 

3) Whole School Reading Programme 

4) Enrichment Programme for Upper Primary levels 

5) Cultural Performance Exposure Scheme (for CL)

MTL Fortnight and Cultural Camp
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Whole School Reading Programme
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Cultural Performance Exposure Scheme (for CL)
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Festive Celebrations

Together as a school, celebrating the 3 major festivals – Chinese New Year, Hari Raya and Deepavali, allows our students to appreciate the multi-cultures that Singapore has and promote harmony and understanding between the different races. MTL Picture Collage-6.jpg MTL Picture Collage-7.jpg

Parents – Our Partners

Our teachers engage our parents with workshops annually. Each year, we will organize workshop for parents so as to provide them with better understanding of the Mother Tongue Languages curriculum and assessment. In recent years, due to the pandemic, we have moved the workshops to online, where parents get to access the workshop videos at their own free time.

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Literacy Support Programmes

To ensure that all students receive the literacy support they need, various literacy support programmes are being implemented to support students at the lower primary, middle primary and upper primary levels, which include both MOE support programmes and school initiated support programmes.  MTL Picture Collage-9.jpg