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A. Our Guiding Idea

dynamic Mathematics curriculum that ignites our students’ passion in Mathematics so as to become Effective and Confident Problem Solvers.


Figure 1. NSPS Math Dept Guiding Idea (Pictorial Form)

B. The Singapore Mathematics Curriculum

The Mathematics framework (below) provided by the Ministry of Education of Singapore, Curriculum Planning and Development Division (CPDD) provides an overall picture of our Mathematics curriculum since 1990, and is still relevant today. The framework depicts the five aspects (Concepts, Skills, Processes, Attitudes, Metacognition) which are all equally important in achieving what is central to learning Mathematics: ability to solve Mathematical problems.


Figure 2. Mathematics Curriculum Framework (MOE)

C. Learning Math in NSPS

In North Spring Primary School, we have many exciting and meaningful programmes and platforms for our children to have the opportunity to ignite their passion in learning Mathematics, and to develop a strong foundation of numeracy and 21st century competencies.

D. Joy of Learning: Make Active Thinking Happen (MATH)

Joy of Learning: MATH is a programme by the Mathematics department for all students. Our students have unique learning experiences through games, learning outdoors, cooking and with manipulatives. Joyful learning promotes active thinking lending to our dynamic Mathematics curriculum that ignites our students’ passion in Mathematics so as to become Effective and Confident Problem Solvers.

MATH focuses on:

1. handS-ON-learninG (SONG)

2. LEarning in The GrEat Outdoors (LET GO)

3. Games for the leArning of Math (GLAM)

1. LEarning in The GrEat Outdoors (LET GO)

We believe that it is important to have learning outside the classroom. Our students have opportunities to learn all around the school, from the hall to the field. Check out pictures of our students on a Treasure Hunt as they learn about directions in the school hall.


2. handS ON learninG (SONG)

We believe that students learn through interacting with physical objects and applying their learning in their daily lives. Students attend lessons involving manipulative and active learning. Prior to the lesson, the Mathematics Department members had to look into the syllabus and select suitable learning objectives that are suitable to be infused into lessons. These lessons provides an opportunity for students to learn and apply Mathematics concepts, knowledge and skills through engaging and hands-on learning experience. The lessons planned aim to create a positive impact on the affective aspects of learning Mathematics in students, which are mainly the belief in the importance of learning Mathematics and its usefulness while increasing their confidence in using Mathematics in their daily lives. It also develops students’ Interest and enjoyment in learning Mathematics in an authentic settings.

Cooking Lab


Making shakers to learn about mass


Learning shapes through soft clay


Measurement Hunt during HBL


3. Games for the LeArning of Math (GLAM)

We believe that students learn through games. Students attend lessons involving manipulative and active learning. From memory games to bingo to interactive boards, purposeful games complement the curriculum. Students also opportunities to play with an interactive mat in the pictures below, having fun while learning Math.


E. Learning Support for Mathematics (LSM) Programme

ma3-225x300.jpg ma4-225x300.jpg ma5-225x300.jpg

The LSM programme is designed to provide early intervention support in Mathematics to students who need extra support in acquiring basic numeracy skills when they enter Primary One. Students identified for LSM programme are supported by qualified LSM teachers and the class size is kept small so that every student receives individual attention from the LSM teacher. The goal of the LSM are to a) level up and help students achieve an age-appropriate mathematical age b) to equip students with the mathematical knowledge, skills and dispositions so that they can learn mathematics with their peers. Undergirding everything that we are doing in LSM is the belief that all students can learn Mathematics given the appropriate instruction and opportunity to learn as we advocate incorporating a variety of approaches and activities in the LSM class. When students believe in themselves that they can learn, they will put in more time and effort in learning, hence leading to better performance and developing a growth mindset in them.

F. I Love Math Week - Celebrating the love for the subject


Benjamin Franklin once said, “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” This quote is representative of our Math Programmes which aim to connect students and Mathematics in authentic and meaningful experiences.

Every year, Math Week is a week held in school to celebrate the learning of Mathematics with exhibitions and interactive booths. Through this play and experience, students can see the connection between Mathematical concepts and their everyday life. At the end of the celebration week, we aim to help students develop appreciation and more interest in this commonly feared subject.

G. Math Enrichment Programme

Selected Primary 4 to 6 students attend Mathematics enrichment workshops held after school. Our P4 students learnt logical reasoning and analytical skills through Mathematics-related magic. Our P5 and P6 students had the opportunity to collaborate with their classmates to solve Mathematics Olympiad questions.


H. Math Competitions

We expose our best students to international Math Competitions such as the Singapore Math Kangeroo Contest (SMKC), Singapore And Asian Schools Olympiad (SASMO), National Math Olympiad Singapore (NMOS) and the Raffles Institution Primary Mathematics World Contest (RIPMWC). Our students do very well in these contests.

The SMKC and SASMO results are announced and summarised below. Students who have done well in these contests are awarded the following:


Gold Certificate (Top 8% scorers)

Silver Certificate (Next 12%)

Bronze Certificate (Next 20%)

Kudos to our NSPS Mathematicians for their outstanding achievements!

Continue to watch this space for more results and prize presentation photos!