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English Language


The school hopes to build a strong foundation in the English Language among our students while cultivating their love for the language. Through the EL curriculum, language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) as well as knowledge about the language (grammar and vocabulary) are taught using effective and engaging strategies which are developmentally appropriate. To ignite the joy of language learning, various Language Experiences, Activities and Play (LEAP) are planned across the different levels.

Language Experiences

Through experiential learning, students are able to connect to a learning topic on a personal level and experience it for themselves. Different language experiences are incorporated into the EL curriculum to provide students with the context and content for them to think, talk and write about.

Language Experience 1.jpg

Snippets of the Write Experience: Walking Through The Jungle

Language Experience 2.jpg

Snippets of the Write Experience: Ice Cream Making

Language Experience 3.jpg

Language Activities

Through activity-based learning, students are given opportunities for experimentation, exploration and expression. Various language activities are incorporated into the EL curriculum to encourage students to participate actively in their learning. Language Actvities 1.jpg

Language Actvities 2.jpg

Language Actvities 3.jpg

Language Play

Through play-based learning, students become more motivated to learn and more engaged in the learning process. Different types of language play is being incorporated into the EL curriculum which include both physical and virtual play activities to engage students in learning the language. Language Play 1.jpg

Language Play 2.jpg

Language Play 3.jpg

Literacy Support Programmes

To ensure that all students receive the literacy support they need, various literacy support programmes are being implemented to support students at the lower primary, middle primary and upper primary levels, which include both MOE support programmes and school initiated support programmes. 

Literacy Support.png