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This is to informs you of the merger of the Parents in Education (PiE) website with the SchoolBag (SB) website, with effect from 26 Nov 2015.

To streamline the online space and make information more accessible for parents, we have merged the PiE website with the SB website. PiE Articles that are relevant and aligned to SB website’s content format have been ported over. The PiE website is no longer available for public viewing following the merger on 26 November.

The PiE mobile app continues to be functional, and we appreciate your continued support and publicity for the mobile app as an avenue for parents to obtain useful information for supporting their child’s development.

Schoolbag.sg is an online publication by the Ministry of Education, Singapore. We provide parents, educators and the general public with education news, school features and tips.

Link: https://www.schoolbag.sg/

Enhanced Parents in Education Mobile App

Parents can get quick updates on education-related information!

Parents can now input their children’s level of study, and receive updates customised to their profile. There is a new poll feature which provides improved interactivity. A new calendar function gives a quick overview of school holidays and various education-related events! You may wish to download the Enhanced Parents in Education Mobile App — iOS or Android