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Aesthetics [Art and Music]


Building on the philosophy and value of Art, three big ideas essential to the teaching and learning in the art curriculum are identified via the following: Art helps us to see in new ways; Art tells stories about our world and Art influences how we live. The three big ideas form the key understandings that underpin the art curriculum across all levels. The focus on big ideas assists teachers in building connections into lesson planning that enable North Springers to connect the knowledge and skills they learn in art to other ideas, concepts and areas of learning. Through repeated exposure to and discussion of these big ideas through guiding questions, our North Springers will learn to see and appreciate the value of art.

[ART] Experiences

The core learning experiences of Art are designed to enable a more inclusive and authentic art learning experience for North Springers and to bring about shared memories of their art learning experiences. Drawing is the foundation of art which allows North Springers the freedom to express and communicate their ideas and imagination. Through the use of various materials and engaging in different processes such as scribbling, doodling and sketching, the drawing experience develops self-confidence and the joy of using art to convey their ideas. Museum-based learning presents an authentic context for the learning of local art as part of North Springers’ understanding of Singapore’s history and heritage. The experience will comprise of North Springers involved as artists and audience to create and appreciate art. The exhibition in curriculum experience aims to deepen North Springers’ understanding of the aesthetics through participating in the display of their artworks and those of their peers. In the process, North Springers learn how artworks can communicate different meanings as a result of how and where artworks are displayed.


[ART] Ceramic Programme

Beyond traditional art forms, our North Springers are exposed to a range of media where they are given the opportunity to explore creative ways to create artworks. At Primary 3, our young artists are introduced to Ceramic where they learn various hand-building techniques such as coiling, pinching and slab work. Over the past years, our North Springers have created various types of vessels such soap dishes, mugs and sculptures.


[ART] Stop Motion Lego Animation Programme

At Primary 5 our young artists engage in Stop Motion Lego Animation. They work in groups as they explore the process of ideating, story boarding, photo taking and video editing. Through this programme, our North Springers not only develop the ability to visually express ideas through digital storytelling but they also learn to take on specific roles and responsibilities as they work collaboratively with their peers. 



The Music teachers believe that all children are musical and have the innate ability to listen, sing, dance, play and express themselves musically. When learning experiences are tailored to develop children’s musical abilities, the complete musicians inside them begin to emerge. In addition, music has the potential to develop extra-musical skills, including critical thinking skills, psychomotor skills, social awareness, and moral and cultural values, all of which contribute to the holistic development of a child. Through the teaching and learning approach of music, North Springers develop awareness and appreciation of music in local and global cultures; develop ability for creative expression and communication through music; and provide the basis to develop an informed and life-long involvement in music.

[MUSIC] Experiences

North Springers will be provided with the opportunities to perform music in both instrumental and vocal settings, individually and in groups. Through performing music, North Springers will be equipped with the musical capacities to express themselves. North Springers will create music in both instrumental and vocal settings, individually and in groups. Music creating processes harness and develop students’ innate creativity within the context of music. North Springers will listen and respond to music. Through listening, students experience new sound worlds and the different sound components of musical genres and traditions. North Springers appreciate music in local and global cultures. They will have an understanding of the different roles musicians play in society as well as the role of music in different cultures. North Springers understand musical elements and concepts. With the fundamental understanding of the building blocks and concepts that constitute music, students will be able to better understand and appreciate the music they listen to. 


[Music] Music Technology

Creativity knows no bounds. North Springers are accorded the opportunity to exercise their creativity through technological means. Using tablets with music composition software, North Springers contribute to the vibrancy of the school by composing music for school programmes which is then broadcasted.


[Music] Ukulele

North Springers get the opportunity to handle musical instruments during music lessons. The Ukulele is one such avenue that allows the expression of oneself through music. As an instrument that allows for a wide range of repertoire, it is accessible and liked by many.


[Music] Beats & Rhythms

North Springers explore musical expression and ideas through non-conventional means. Beats and rhythms are experienced through the STOMP programme whereby timbre and tone is also manipulated to allow for a full performance. North Springers are accorded the flexibility in learning musical concepts in a unique manner.