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MRL (Media Resource Library)

Guiding Idea:

An initiative to bring the library closer to students so as to ignite the joy of reading and motivate students to be lifelong readers.


1) To expose students to the various genres available in the library

2) To encourage students to cultivate the love for reading so as to be lifelong readers

3) To create a vibrant space in the library for students to be limitless in their imagination while reading


Media Resource Library

The physical space of the library is used as a conducive and inviting reading area for students. iPads are also installed for students to access reading applications.



A biweekly story telling sessions are held among the lower primary students in the library during their recess. This is with the intention of promoting titles among the young readers and captivate their attention with the vibrant pictures found in popular book titles.


Let’s Read

The sharing of stories with the school so as to cultivate the culture of sharing new stories and ignite the joy of reading among all. As students listen to the stories being read to them, the aim is to encourage them to read books that are being shared or those of similar genres, enticing them to explore deeper into the realm of books.

Flavour of the Month

A thematic session of mass borrowing is made available to students during Recess. Students will be able to be meaningfully engaged during Recess via the discussions of interesting titles available! With books close at hand, students will be spoilt for choice.

MRL OPAC (Online Library Catalogue)

If your browser doesn’t automatically go there within a few seconds, you may want to go to OPAC Catalogue manually.