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Brochures on MOE Initiatives and Programmes

Subject Based Banding

Suitable for primary school teachers and parents who want to understand SBB more

Subject-Based Banding was introduced as a refinement to the streaming process to help each child realise his potential, based on his interests and strengths.

This latest Subject-Based Banding brochure aimed at Pri 4 was distributed to schools in early April.
Click here to download the brochure and find out more.

Post-Secondary Education Brochure

Useful info on the multiple pathways after secondary school education

Our education system offers students of different abilities and strengths multiple pathways to success after their secondary school education.

Young Singaporeans may choose from a wide array of post-secondary options: JCCI, polytechnics, ITE, private art institutions, as well as public and private universities.

This Post-Secondary Education brochure was distributed to schools in end April. Click here to download it and find out more about each pathway.