Character and Citizenship Education

Guiding Idea

A dynamic CCE curriculum which focuses on the inculcation of values, Social and Emotional (SE) competencies and life skills in our students.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship (I&E)

The I&E unit focuses on developing problem solving and creative thinking skills in our students. We do so through a structured process of guiding our students to:

  • Observe and identify problems around them
  • Generate innovative solutions to solve these problems so as to improve the quality of life in our society
  • Assess the feasibility and practicality of their solutions
  • Present confidently and communicate effectively when they showcase their inventions to others

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National Education-Social Studies-Project Work (NE-SS-PW)

The NE-SS-PW unit focuses on developing our students to be concerned citizens and active contributors of our nation. We also focus on equipping our students with skills such as research skills, developing them to be self-directed learners.  Besides the SS curriculum, we do so through various programmes which guide our students to:

  • Appreciate our Past
  • Adapt to our Present
  • Anticipate our Future

Some of these programmes include: commemoration of Total Defence Day, International Friendship Day, Racial Harmony Day and National Day, field-based learning experiences and game-based learning through specially designed virtual games (i.e. iWorld@NSPS).

Student Development (SD) and her Guidance curriculum

Aligned to our school mission of building character and enriching minds, the student development department aims to provide our students the platform for them to practise values in action and making sound and informed decisions. One key programme we have is 1-week We-care Buddy programme where we have the Primary 4 students who will be paired up with their Primary 1 buddies where they will help induct Primary One students into their new school environment.  Values such as responsibility and life skills like responsible decision-making will be taught out of a classroom setting and carried out practically.


Student Leadership (SL)

Student Leadership is an integral part of our education system. North Spring Primary School aims to implement an effective Student Leadership programme that is aligned to our school and national educational objectives. The aims of our Student Leadership Programme are to equip our student leaders with the necessary skills to develop their leadership potential, provide opportunities for students to practice their leadership skill and to develop student leaders in fulfilling their full potential.

They are then empowered to serve their peers and others in service learning in various areas and at various levels after going through a progressive student leadership programme. We hope all students will grow up being equipped with the right values and useful competencies to contribute to Singapore and the world beyond.


Values-in-Action (VIA)

The VIA unit focuses on providing platforms for our students to reach out to our society through their actions, inculcating values, competencies and skills in them through the process. Besides school-wide programmes, we have level-specific programmes which cater to students’ specific learning needs. Some of our programmes include: recycling projects, visits to eldercare centres and donation drives.