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Visual Arts


Ceramic lessons are designed for students who choose to embrace clay as their creative medium. Our club grant students experiences in making functional as well as sculptural pieces, using a variety of artistic techniques and skills, such as wedge, slab, wheel, coil, pinch and mould. Making a ceramics piece is in fact a laborious process, which requires great patience.


Students also acquire a greater sense of responsibility as each is in charge of various safety aspects in the Art Room during the handling of equipment and machines, such as the slab roller, clay extruder and the electric kiln. Every student is encouraged to strive to turn in their best quality work, through being open to suggestions from peers and instructor on improving their art piece, as well as working collaboratively in teams on bigger art pieces for national competitions.CCA Schedule:

CCA Day Time Level Teacher In Charge Venue
Ceramics /
Pottery Club
Thursday 7.30am – 9.30am P3 – P6 Mdm Hu Fang (IC)

Mdm Baey Geok Lin Elain

Miss Chan Wei Ling Jane
Art Room 1

Visual Art 

The members are taught skills in water colour painting, metal tooling and paper sculpture. The budding young artists are encouraged to explore these areas to develop their talent.


The programmes for the club also include visiting museums and Art Exhibitions. The members had gone to view the Singapore Youth Festival Visual Arts Exhibits and it was a very enriching experience for them. There, they acquired new perspectives and were inspired to create interesting an art piece of their own.

CCA Schedule:





 Teacher In Charge



Visual Art



 P3 – P6

Miss Alicia Wee Su Ping (IC)

Ms Sheereen Shaa’ista

Miss Goh Chao Ngin

Art Room 2