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Uniform Groups

Brownies Pack

This uniform group’s mission is to provide girls with the opportunity for character development, responsibility and service to community. Girls are nurtured through a 5-Point Programme: Personal and Social Development, Home, Outdoors, Community and International. Brownies meet every week to play games and conduct a series of healthy and happy activities towards this aim. The senior Brownies also take turns to lead the Sing-Along-Sessions and facilitate outdoor games.

During these meetings, each Brownie works through different challenges based on the 5-Point Programme to earn their Enrolment, Golden Bar, Golden Hand and Proficiency Badges. The pack also works closely together with officers in Sengkang Police Centre to enable our Brownies to embark on their Crime Prevention Badge.

Every year, the Brownies take part in the fund raising event, the ‘Cookie Project’, organised by Girl Guides Singapore (GGS). The project teaches useful skills in our girls, like confidence, entrepreneurship and money management.

CCA Schedule:

CCA  Day  Time  Level  Teacher In Charge Venue
Brownies Thursday  7.30am – 9.30am P3 – P6 Mrs Guganeshwari Vickneswaran (IC)

Miss Sim Jie Lin

Miss Chan Wei Ling Jane

Lvl 2 Classroom


Cub Scouts

Scouting aims to develop in its members values that are essential in becoming good citizens. As spelled out in the scout’s promise, we emphasise the importance of doing ones’ best in all tasks. Regardless of an individual’s different capabilities, members are encouraged to put in their best effort in all tasks and activities, thus maximising their talents and developing their potential.

Our school’s cub scouts group is under the Serangoon District. Besides weekly meetings, the members are involved in National activities such as job week and donation draws. We also partake in district-organised activities such as the district hike and Sixer’s Training camp. Through these activities, scouting helps the members improve their social skills, teamwork ability, leadership ability and confidence.

CCA Schedule:

CCA  Day  Time  Level  Teacher In Charge Venue
Cubs Scouts  Thursday 7.30pa-9.30am  P3 – P6 Mr Edgar Wong Hong Teow (IC)

Miss Goh Chao Ngin

Miss Teo Wan Ting, Cindy

Lvl 2 Classroom