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Wushu is a form of Chinese martial art. It is a popular national sport in the county of China and is practised by people of all ages. Modern wushu has shifted its emphasis from combat to performance, and it is practised for its method of improving health, self-defense skills, mental discipline, recreational pursuit and competition. Wushu is characterised by its dynamic and fluid motions along with its aerial kicks, rolling techniques, and weapons. Students from this CCA show a lot of determination, enthusiasm and resilience during their rigorous weekly training sessions. Moreover, Wushu Club has been putting up many performances during school events, bringing entertainment and awe to one and all.

CCA Schedule: 

CCA Day  Time Level Teacher In Charge Venue
 Wushu Thursday 7.30am-9.30am  P3 – P6 Ms Nur Amirah Bte Abdul Aziz (IC)

Mrs Jaisri Thirunavukarasu

Mdm Wee Jee Luan Sharon

Mr Poon Kar Tung

Mr Lim Yong Jie




Badminton is a sport enjoyed by many in Singapore. The inclusive nature of the CCA reflects the multi-racial and diverse cultural society that we live in. Values such as teamwork and sportsmanship are also taught and inculcated during training, equipping our students with essential life skills. Our teachers have taken on the role of coaches in assisting the students to hone their skills while they practise on a weekly basis. Inclusivity and sportsmanship are what we strive for in preparing our young aspiring badminton players for the 21st Century.

CCA Schedule: 

CCA Day  Time  Level  Teacher In Charge Venue
Badminton Thursday 7.30am – 9.30am P3 – P6 Mrs Lee-Huang Qian Qin (IC)

Mdm Teng Fei




Our Basketball CCA is made up of 4 teams – senior boys, senior girls, junior boys and junior girls team. Each team is made up of enthusiastic students with great passion and fervour for the game. The players are very serious about training and this is evident through their dedication and commitment to the weekly trainings. Albeit tough, they display insurmountable perseverance and team spirit which have served to develop each of them as active team players.

For the past number of years, our teams have done very well in competitions at the national level. Our senior boys did us proud by clinching 1st runner-up and Top 8 in the North Zone Basketball Championship and National Basketball Championship respectively. Our players though young, are truly promising and we hope to bring honours to the school in the following years to come!

CCA Schedule: 

CCA  Day  Time  Level  Teacher In Charge Venue
Basketball Thursday 7.30am-9.30am P3-P6 Mr Wu Zongyang Christopher (IC)

Miss Liang Wileen

Miss Ku Seow Yen

Mr Loo Eng Kiat

Miss Ravinder Kaur

Miss Merilyn Lim Huay Sian

Basketball Court & Parade Square



Football is a popular sport in Singapore, enjoyed by people from all walks of life. In addition to the zonal competitive games, players were also given the opportunity to build up their experience and improve their techniques and skills through the non-competitive Football Fiestas that NSPS has regularly participated in.

Cooperation is a vital component of team sports and life. Among the lessons the players have learnt during training sessions and football matches are the importance of teamwork and working well with others. Players are also instilled in the importance of perseverance and being disciplined. They have learnt to stay focused and determined even when the odds are against them, such as when they are losing a game. In addition, students are given opportunities to set goals to improve themselves as they work on improving both their individual skills and teamwork. The life skills they have picked up in football will serve them well both in school and in the future as an adult.

CCA Schedule: 

CCA  Day  Time  Level  Teacher In Charge Venue
Football Thursday 7.30am-9.30am P3-P6 Mr Mohammed Imran Bin Faizal (IC)

Mr Muhammad Aidil Bin Ishak

Mr Lim Zijin

Mr Muhammad Riduwan Bin Salamat

Field & Parade Square