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Performing Arts

String Ensemble

The String Ensemble has been around since the inception of our school. In 2011, a viola and cello section was introduced to the ensemble and most recently in 2019, a double bass section was added. In addition to participating in the bi-annual Singapore Youth Festival on a national level, our ensemble has also performed in various school productions ranging from live performances to those on virtual platforms. Come join us for an enriching experience!

CCA Schedule:

CCA Day Time Level Teacher In Charge Venue
String Ensemble Thursday 7.30am – 9.30am P3 – P6
Mr Martin Cheah Chiao (IC)
Mr Abdul Fattah Bin Abdul Rahim
Ms Tan Yingru Matilda
Miss Wileen Liang
MRL Stage

Guitar Ensemble

The Guitar Ensemble began in 2003 as a CCA in North Spring Primary School. We encourage our members to be socially responsible and contribute back to the community. Our CCA conducts many school performances. The ensemble performed in the Primary 1 Orientation concert and at the school’s Annual Prize Presentation ceremony. Through these performances, we give our members the opportunity to use their talent to make a difference in the school and community.

CCA Schedule:

CCA Day Time Level Teacher In Charge Venue
Guitar Ensemble Thursday 7.30am – 9.30am P3 – P6
Mdm Diyana Bte Abdul Latiff (IC)
Mdm Sangeetha Thamilchelvam
Miss Nur Syahida Bte Abdul Jalil
Mdm Kua Chiew Guet
Music Room


The school choir provides students with the opportunity to develop their musical skills and showcase their talent through the medium of singing. Not only do they develop their singing skills, students also learn to work together as a unit to achieve their goals and develop confidence and personality through performing. High standards are expected of our members not just during the CCA but also at all times and members are expected to be good role models.


CCA Schedule:

CCA Day Time Level Teacher In Charge Venue
Choir Thursday 7.30am – 9.30am P3 – P6
Mdm Joyce Ye Meitian (IC)
Mdm Lee Hui Shi Rebecca
Mrs Angayarkanni Arun
Mdm Neo Bee Lin
Rhapsody Room

Tap Dance

Our Tap Dance CCA has benefitted children in a few key areas that include physical development, emotional maturity, social awareness and cognitive development. Students learn how to use their body in a wide-ranging series of movements and the use of different dance techniques that are incorporated into lessons as well.

These technical dance skills that students learn form the foundation on which each and every individual student’s performance is then further developed and enhanced. Students who join Tap Dance have the opportunity to learn a type of dance that communicates ideas through movement and it is a unique and expressive art form that develops our students’ minds, bodies and psychomotor skills.

CCA Schedule:

CCA Day Time Level Teacher In Charge Venue
Tap Dance Thursday 7.30am – 9.30am P3 – P6
Mdm Teng Kang Lee (IC)
Miss Zaiton Jaafar
Miss Lau Pei Zhi Peggy
Ms Farisya Muhammad Jamal
Miss Saleha Bano d/o Mohd Murtujah
Rainbow Connexion

Ethnic Dance

Our Ethnic Dance is a dance form which can be identified as an ensemble of dances from the diverse and unique ethnic cultures in Singapore. It seeks to expose students to various cultural dances and students got to experience and enjoy different cultural dances and genres. This year, we performed for the Chinese New Year Concert. Despite having only 3 physical practices, students managed to learn the dance step in a short period of time and this was exhibited by their resilience and responsibility to complete the dance and made the performance a success. In our CCA, students are also encouraged to respect each other, forging friendships through dance while honing their skills.

CCA Schedule:

CCA Day Time Level Teacher In Charge Venue
Thursday 7.30am – 9.30am P3 – P6
Mdm Lim Hwee Tin (IC)
Miss Marissa Bte Mohd Haniff
Ms Saleha Bano d/o Mohd Murtujah
Happy Feet


Our Drama Club has an exciting drama curriculum designed for students that is not only fun but also teaches children the fundamentals of speaking onstage. The programme aims to boost their confidence in public speaking through various platforms and genres.

There are so many different ways of communicating onstage; through poetry, prose, monologues (driven by characterisation of popular storybook characters), shared drama (short plays), formal public speaking and impromptu speech. Students in our drama club also learn everything they need to know about stage drama and we build on these skills to help children develop their confidence onstage. We also have a big production at the end of the year to give students an opportunity to showcase these skills.

CCA Schedule:

CCA Day Time Level Teacher In Charge Venue
Drama Thursday 7.30am – 9.30am P3 – P6
Miss Shameem D/O Ahamed Ali Khan (IC)
Mdm Hanim Bte Abdul Ghani
Teaching Lab