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Clubs & Societies

New Media Club

Our club focuses on coding. This club aims to develop students in computer programming, technical and engineering skills as well as encouraging them to exercise their creativity and problem-solving skills. To this end, our team of teachers and external experts in the various ICT fields deliver a comprehensive learning programme for our club members. There are many useful life skills that they learn which will serve them well in the 21st Century..

CCA Schedule:

CCA  Day  Time  Level  Teacher In Charge Venue
ICT Club Thursday 7.30am-9.30am P3-P6

Ms Nadia Binte Jumahat (IC)

Mdm Shamani d/o Sithananthan Naidu

Computer Lab 1 & 2


Media Resource Library

This year, MRL has a series of activities lined up in collaboration with NLB. There are mass borrowing sessions termly whereby the students are able to borrow NLB books without going to the NLB books personally. There are also classroom-based programmes (Read, Swap, Share for Primary 1 and 2 and Read, Reap, Write for Primary 4 and 5) where students come together in a mass reading session to read stories specially selected by NLB librarians, exchange ideas and pen thoughts about the stories. NLB librarians also conduct story telling sessions for Primary 1 and 2 and thematic talks for Primary 3 to 6.

CCA Schedule:

CCA  Day  Time  Level  Teacher In Charge Venue
Media Resource Library Thursday 7.30am-9.30am P3-P6

Mdm Serajunnisha Begum (IC)

Ms Yap Chun Zhen



Yummy Math Chef Club

Students in the club are engaged in cooking-related experiences where Mathematics concepts and skills are applied: Tessellation in apron-designing, Money in budgeting, Fractions in cooking and baking, Ratio in dish soap making and other exciting activities that integrate nutrition and ICT skills to promote healthy eating.

CCA Schedule:

CCA Day Time Level Teacher In Charge Venue
Yummy Math Chef Club Thursday 7.30am-9.30am P3-P6

Mr Suneshkumar S/O Mahalingam (IC)

Ms Ong Mei Ling

Mrs Neo-Ong Shi Min Celine

Math Chef Room


Science Explorers Club

Students in the club are engaged in caring for the environment through hands-on experiences in agricultural and ecological activities. Members also help to maintain our eco-garden as well as participate in environmental projects around the school, developing them to be problem-solvers and creative thinker.

CCA Schedule:

CCA  Day  Time  Level  Teacher In Charge Venue
Science Explorers Club Thursday 7.30am-9.30am P3-P6

Mr Ho Jin Cheng (IC)

Mr Christopher Tan Theng Kang

Mdm Nur Izyan Bte Fart Horrahman

Science Lab