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Clubs & Societies

Math Chefs

Students in the club are engaged in cooking-related experiences where Mathematics concepts and skills are applied: Tessellation in apron-designing, Money in budgeting, Fractions in cooking and baking, Ratio in dish soap making and other exciting activities that integrate nutrition and ICT skills to promote healthy eating.


Media Resource Library

Our newly renovated MRL is a vibrant environment that engages student librarians. The librarians who joined our CCA are actively involved in meaningful and creative activities. To cultivate the love for reading in students of our school, the student librarians create engaging activities such as word puzzles and posters for the ‘Flavour of the Month’, which is our monthly mass borrowing session, held near the canteen. During CCA, librarians learn about the different genre of books that are available in our library. They get some time to explore, read and borrow from the collection of books available in our library. We also ensure that the library is a conducive environment for reading by regularly shelving and keeping the library neat and clean. Team bonding games are conducted termly to strengthen the bond among fellow librarians.

CCA Schedule:

CCA Day Time Level Teacher In Charge Venue
Media Resource Library Thursday 7.30am – 9.30am P3 – P6
Mdm Serajunnisha Begum (IC)
Ms Liu Lanying

New Media Club

In North Spring Primary, our club seeks to prepare our members with the relevant skills needed in this technological world. Our team of teachers and external experts in the various ICT fields deliver a comprehensive learning programme for our club members. There are many useful life skills that they learn which will serve them well in the 21st Century.

Students are introduced to the fundamental concepts of photography, videography and journalism skills in our CCA. Our junior members are introduced to the world of photography and videography and its basic navigation and programming. They learn how to capture and tell a story through the images that they learn to capture. Our senior members are challenged to take on a bigger role by infusing their prior knowledge of photography and videography into action by reporting what they have captured. In time to come our members will get the opportunity to capture moments for school events as well as publish postings on the school’s social media platforms.

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CCA Schedule:

CCA Day Time Level Teacher In Charge Venue
ICT Club Thursday 7.30am – 9.00am P3 – P6
Ms Nur Amirah Bte Abdul Aziz (IC)
Mdm Shamani d/o S. Naidu
Mdm Serajunnisha Begum
Computer Lab 1, 2 & 3

Science Explorers Club

The Science Explorers Club aims to engage pupils in a series of meaningful design thinking projects. There will be room for brainstorming, designing and building one's prototype. This approach would encourage critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and empathy.

In order to promote self-directed learning and stimulate pupils' interests in various disciplines of Science, pupils have been enrolled in Young Scientist Badge Science Scheme. They will be challenged to complete various activities as stated to receive exclusive badges issued by Science Centre.

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CCA Schedule:

CCA Day Time Level Teacher In Charge Venue
Science Explorers Club Thursday 7.30am – 9.00am P3 – P6
Mdm Yap Chun Zhen (IC)
Mr Christopher Tan Theng Kang
Ms Teo Wan Ting, Cindy
Science Lab 1 & 2