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Febuary 2017

2017 Letter To Parents

Welcome back! Please refer below for the 2017 Letter to Parents.

Road Safety 

2017 Term 1 Calender


Video Links for IA Club

Dear all,

The students from Innovators in Action (IA) Club are participating in the Moneytree ICE Challenge Competition. Kindly support our young innovators by ‘liking’ their videos.

Portable Mobile Desk

1) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_bfGEghV1s&t=120s

The mobile desk is a portable desk that is equipped with adjustable legs so that the user can mount the table top at a height that suits them. The height adjustable table legs are as sturdy, stable, and strong as their non-adjustable counterparts.

Personal Eraser Dust Collector


This personal eraser dust collector serves as an indispensable stationery for students or even working adults as it can be rolled on a table top to remove eraser dust and magnetic materials such as staples.

3) Bluetooth Sensor Mat


This anti-slip Bluetooth Mat is equipped with a bluetooth sensor and is catered specifically for elderly . This mat is placed in bathrooms as a precautionary measure against accidents that may happen. For example, when someone falls on the mat, the sensor will trigger and send bluetooth signals to the caregiver’s phone.