6th SIA Architectural Design Awards 2001

The architectural design of North Spring Primary School has helped enhanced students' learning. The overall design concept gives a feeling of peace and tranquil, providing inspiration to both the staff and pupils. "There is something poetic about the design of this school" as quoted from a staff.

Classrooms are spacious and well ventilated. The natural lighting in the classrooms make them appear bright and enhances teaching and learning. The classroom blocks have been well planned in that noise is contained and this adds an X-factor in boosting a conducive environment for learning. The spacious and well-lit hall provides sufficient area for student movement and mass participation in learning and activities.

The long corridors linking between the different blocks give one a feeling of moving towards advance improvement and technology. The designs on the sun-shading devices, the metal trees in the courtyard and designs in various parts of the school building have added another avenue to develop the students' aesthetic potential. The butterfly-like shaped rooftop gives the school a unique presence in Sengkang New Town. Not only it arouses the students' curiosity; it also attracts the attention of passers-by.

The idea of rainwater collection is relevant in the study of Science as well as Arts. Pupils learn to appreciate the rhythmic sound created by rainwater as it gushes down the pipes and form ripples in the pond. The wind vane standing majestically atop the classroom block provides another avenue in the learning of Science as it turns around in various directions.

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School-Based Student Care Centre

The school is pleased to announce the appointment of Raffles Student Care Centre LLP as the operator for the new School-Based Student Care Centre (SCC). The SCC, which is located at the new Indoor Sports Hall building, is expected to begin operations in January 2015. The SCC is accepting application forms from 12 Nov to 28 Nov 2014. Interested parents/guardians may obtain the form from the general office.Please note that application is not on a first-come-first-serve basis. For enquiries, please contact the SCC Manager, Mdm Aishah Abu Bakar at 8368 9694 or email aishah@rafflesstudentcare.com

Fitness Playground

Our brand new and unique fitness playground allows for movement experiences where students have the opportunity to develop body awareness and control through physical activities. It provides an avenue for students to use their bodies to express their ideas, attitudes and emotions. The fitness playground consists of a crescent climber, a hemisphere climber and a belt zone climber which students develop full body muscular strength, endurance, coordination and agility. In addition, it also consists of a blender, a cycler and a stand-up spinner where the development of lower body and abdominal muscular strength, flexibility, balance and power are enhanced. The fitness playground addresses the developmental, physical and cognitive needs of the students and provide increasing challenge for them. In addition, the fitness playground is designed to be safe and durable and students will be drawn to it by its visually pleasing appearance.